Each project starts in our pilot plant.


Each project starts in our pilot plant.

AGGLOTEC provides customized solutions, tailored to your processing requirements. 

AGGLOTEC is in the privileged position of operating a state-of-the-art laboratory together with CEMTEC. 

Our aim is to match each phase of the production process precisely to the customer’s needs – from the start of the process through the intermediate stages to the end product. 

In order to be able to develop customised systems, the required properties are defined in our laboratory and technical centre. This data forms the basis for further calculations and design parameters.

Our experience

The pilot plant is equipped with all the required process steps needed to evaluate the technical feasibility of agglomeration projects. Using a sample amount of approximately 100kg, continuous test trials are performed on a plough shear mixer, a 1,2m diameter pelletizing disc and a fluidized bed dryer. 

Alternatively, shell drying can also be carried out. Based on the individual results, up-scaling to industrial sizes can be carried out, offered and future performance can be guaranteed. 

– Experience since 1990 

CEMTEC is a global leader in development of machines and systems for production facilities of mineral processing. The scope of supply includes systems for grinding a wide variety of materials and mineral bulk solids, as well as rotating drums for thermal (burning, drying, cooling) and mechanical treatment (mixing, washing, conditioning) of various bulk solids.

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